The company believes that from the start it is essential to plan and organise a successful business development strategy to promote the business.

A Word From Our CEO

GROUP ARKAYS’s long term vision, and what we strive for, is to become the leading distributing partners for all major brands in key African markets. Today we currently distribute products and brands in Consumer Electronics, Office Furniture, Paints & Coatings, Adhesives & Colorants, and Household articles of daily use.

Our operation excellence, which we base on dedication and commitments to our principles (suppliers) and to our dealers(clients), is what defines our distribution guidelines. We incorporate on field market realities and overcome complexities for our suppliers, while ensuring that our dealers benefit from the highest quality in the industry at most competitive prices, giving our dealers the unique edge to become market leaders.

It is also my strong belief that success of any company lies in the capability to acquire sincere and dedicated professionals who work hand in hand with our principles and our dealers.

As we look into the future, we see the importance of “partnerships”, which have become the focal point of our strategy. In order to achieve success we continue to invest in finding manufacturers and dealers who share primarily our guiding principles of win-win-win where the brands win by becoming market leaders, the dealers win by making optimum return on their investment and we the distributors win by creating the ideal, profitable and long term partnerships.

– Kamal Dhanwani

Unity is strength…

When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Mattie Stepanek

Our Goals in Numbers

ARKAYS is the world’s driving worldwide coordinations supplier — we uphold industry and
exchange the worldwide trade of merchandise through land transport.

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Years of Experience

Some Reasons to say why you can trust Us.



R. Kamal Trading Co LLC, Was Established In 1999 Under The U.A.E. Federal Commercial Company Law. A Strong Presence In West Africa, East Africa, India And Other Parts Of Middle East, R.Kamal Trading Co LLC Is A Well Known Organization And They Are Flourishing In Trading In Electronics, Furniture, Luggage & Traveling Bags, Clocks, Towels, Paints, Baby Care, Linens, Blankets And Many More.


The Team

Group ARKAYS’s Well Qualified And Focused Team Has Been Its Core Reason For Their Growth & Success. Each One Is Skilled To Perform The Tasks At Hand Effectively And With A Win – Win Approach For All.Their Committed Team Of Professionals Have Captured A Significant Market Share In U.A.E., Africa And Southeast Asia (India & Pakistan).

In Addition, The Company Preforms Regular Training And Coaching To Its Team As Well As For Their Manufacturers To Keep Them Motivated, Pro-Active, Sharp And Provide Tools For Increasing Productivity.


Business Practice

Group ARKAYS Believes In Providing High Level Of Excellency & Dedication In Every Area Of Its Operations. Actively Seeking To House More Brands & Product Portfolio Under Them, Group ARKAYS Provides A Dedicated Team To All Their Partners To Ensure Smooth Workflow. Group ARKAYS Maintains Their Entire Range In Stock And Ensures Availability Of Their Stock All Year Round.


One Company Is All You Need

Group ARKAYS Provides A World-Class Service And Promotional Capabilities To Their Brand Partners, Such As:

  • A Dedicated Team Provided To Our Channel Partners.
  • Managing Exisiting Dealers
  • Growing Dealer Network.
  • Order Taking
  • Market Survey


Sales & Marketing Strategy

Our Strategy Lies In Our Capability To Identify And Get Exclusive Distribution Rights For The Brands Which Are Market Leaders In Their Respective Industries. We Then Align Them To Enable To “Act Local” To Succeed In The African Markets.

At The Same Time We Guide, Train, Educate And Support Our Dealers On A Local Level With Best Industry Industry Practices To Successfully Acquire The Largest Market Share For The Brands Which We Distribute To Them.

We Ensure That Someone From The The Team Visits Our Key Markets Regularly And Ensures That Our Clients Are Able To Sell Through And Help Them Overcome Any Kind Of Challenges They May Face By Supporting Them With Supply Chain Advantages, Logistical Supports, Financing, And Market Survey And Research.

Our Employees Love To Work With Us

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